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Obedience training ensures you'll have a well-behaved dog around kids, family, and friends as well as a dog that stays safely where he or she belongs when outdoors or around strangers. We also offer medical training to handle emergencies and other health issues. Contact us with questions about upcoming classes.

  • Involves play, socialization, discussion, and learning

  • Instills confidence in both puppy and owner

  • Teaches puppies to play friendly, not aggressive

  • Involves housebreaking, nutrition, common problems

  • Introduces beginner commands


Puppy Class - from 12 weeks to 5 months old

  • Covers the foundations of basic obedience

  • Builds a strong, trusting relationship with dog and the owner

  • Skills for both dogs and owners

  • 6-week course, 1 hour each week, $180.00

Beginner Obedience

  • Strengthen basic commands

  • Improve finesse and increase distance with dogs

  • Work with off-leash situations, distractions

  • 6-week course, 1 hour each week, $160.00

Advanced Beginner Obedience

  • Dogs must be fully under control and not aggressive

  • Build and strengthen owner or dog relationship

  • Improve both mental and physical stimulation

  • Strengthen dog's confidence level

  • Involves off-leash handling and toy or treat reward


Agility for Fun - prior obedience class required

If you've invested in and installed a pet "invisible fence," but your pet is not recognizing or obeying it properly, give us a call. We also do professional invisible fence training. With over 20 years of obedience training experience, we'll make sure your invisible fence investment is worth it.

"Invisible Fence" training

  • Wear comfortable shoes, no flip-flops or heels

  • No retractable or chain leashes

  • No unattended children present at training

  • No cell phone use during training

  • No refunds after the first class

  • Tax included in price, payments either cash, card or check

Class requirements for owners - no exceptions!

For our pet obedience classes

give us a call today at

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